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Shared Playlists Support
Blissflixx now supports sharing playlists with your friends or the wider public.

To update your server do a "Restart & Update" and also refresh your browser with CTRL + F5

If you want to share your playlists with others then you first need to back them up to dropbox using the method described here:

Once the playlists have been backed up go to your dropbox account to view the files. Now goto a playlist file you want to share and click on the "SHARE" button. You will then be given a URL that you can give to your friends.

To subscribe to a shared playlist you need to go to the playlists page on blissflixx and click on "Add Remote Playlist". Now enter the dropbox share URL. You will then be subscribed to this playlist.

As an example you can try clicking "Add Remote Playlist" and entering the following URL:
Well done. I really appreciate the work and believe this little thank you can help you continue your work.

I hope for you that BlissFlixx will get more popular soon.
Many thanks for your support  - I really appreciate it  Smile Smile

>>I hope for you that BlissFlixx will get more popular soon.

Yes it's a shame it's not a lot more popular yet. However I have plenty of time so lets wait and see...

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