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Backing Up Playlists To Dropbox
It is a good idea to backup your playlists in case your SD card fails. This tutorial shows how to backup to a dropbox account.

First install the dropbox uploader script (note: this is one single command) :

sudo curl "" -o /usr/local/bin/

Now give the script execution permission:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

Now run the script and follow the wizard instructions to enable access to your Dropbox account:


Once you have completed the script wizard instructions you can upload your playlists to dropbox with the following command (you may need to change the playlist directory if you have installed blissflixx somewhere else) .

Code: upload /home/pi/blissflixx/data/playlists /

The next thing to do is add this command to your crontab file is that your playlists are backed up regularly and automatically.

crontab -e

Now add the following line to the end of the cron file (again remember to change playlist directory if yours is different):

5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/ upload /home/pi/blissflixx/data/playlists /

Now save the file. This will backup your playlists at 5 minutes past every hour.

Finally if you need to recover your playlists from dropbox. First cd into the BlissFlixx data directory:

cd data

Now run the command to download your backed up playlists:

Code: download /playlists

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