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Pirate Bay Plugin
I created a plugin for the pirate bay. To install

cd plugins

Now run:

git clone

Finally restart your server

Thank you for the plugin but I can't run it.

I get this error when I open the plugin page

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/home/pi/blissflixx/./", line 87, in default
   ret = call(**datadict)
 File "/home/pi/blissflixx/lib/api/", line 176, in feed
   return installed.getChannel(chid).getFeed(idx)
 File "/home/pi/blissflixx/lib/api/", line 61, in getFeed
   return self.getPlayItems(self.module.feed(idx))
 File "/home/pi/blissflixx/plugins/bfch_pirate_bay/", line 32, in feed
   doc = get_doc(_FEEDLIST[idx]['url'], proxy=True)
 File "/home/pi/blissflixx/lib/chanutils/", line 71, in get_doc
   r = get(url, params=params, **kwargs)
 File "/home/pi/blissflixx/lib/chanutils/", line 42, in get
   raise Exception("Request : '" + url + "' returned: " + str(r.status_code))
Exception: Request : '' returned: 504
[color=#000000][font=monospace, Courier]
It is not only that plugin - all plugins are miss-behaving. Do I have to re-install blissflixx or others are also experiencing this ? 
The error appear to mean the pirate bay site did not respond to the request - which usually means the site is busy/down. I just tried it and it works fine so please try again.

Also what problems are you having with the other plugins - the same as this?
It is working now.
All plugins were not responding but only the piratesbay was giving an error - it might be my internet
Ok Great!

Also please look at this tutorial which describes how to backup playlists to dropbox (thanks for the idea) without having to modify any of the blissflixx scripts.
I saw it - good tutorial.
I am doing the same but daily.

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