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Local directory as a channel
First, thank you a lot for this wonderful tool, blissflix is exactly what I searched for a long time and works perfectly, that's a real pleasure to use it Smile

Would there be a way to develop a channel which would display the content of a directory on the raspberry pi and allow to play videos from it ? As omxplayer can read directly a video, I think a " ls " would be sufficient to develop the channel, but I don't know how to develop that in blissflix :/ Maybe a plugin ?

The idea would be to play videos already downloaded / personal videos ; and to add a button "Download" on the torrent videos to be able to download them for later if seeds aren't sufficient to play directly (via rtorrent for example), or using a RSS torrent download like this one:

Again, thank you!
Hi again,

I advanced a bit on this problem, in fact I developed a very simple channel like that :

from playitem import PlayItem, PlayItemList
import os

  {'title':'Test Dir 1', 'path':'/opt/vc/src/hello_pi/hello_video/'},

def name():
  return 'Local folders'

def image():
  return 'icon.png'

def description():
  return "Local directories"

def feedlist():
  return _FEEDLIST

def feed(idx):
  path = _FEEDLIST[idx]['path']
  results = PlayItemList()
  for filename in os.listdir(path):
    fullname = os.path.join(path, filename)
    if os.path.isfile(fullname):
      results.add(PlayItem(filename, None, fullname))
  return results

I changed a bit lib/api/ adding the following lines to function play():

  if url.startswith("/") or url.startswith "\\":
    Player.playFile(url, title)

And then I'm a bit stuck with the whole process thing, very near of the final goal..

I would like to code something like that in

  def playFile(self, url, title):, OmxplayerProcess2(url), http=False, dlsrv=False)

But the OmxplayerProcess2 doesn't take arguments.. I don't understand how the other processes like peerflix pass him the arguments it needs (url, subtitles). I read the code of the proccess pipe... But I'm clearly lost and could use some help. An option could be to code a omxproc3 based on the omxproc2... But I'm feeling that's not the right solution Smile

Thank you!
Hi Lsk,

Sorry for the delay. I have now updated BlissFlixx to support playing local files and have implemented a new plugin along the lines suggested by you (Thanks!!). Full details are here:

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