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Recall Audio Settings
It'd be useful if a file or variable could store the volume setting the user has adjusted it to and apply the same volume level the next time omxplayer is launched.

Bob is playing a playlist of reddit videos and notices they are all playing through his speakers dangerously loud, Bob thus adjust the volume decibels using the Blissflixx server to level -12.0 db for the current video playing, the video plays at the appropriate volume of -12db that Bob has specified. Now the video is over and our good friend Bob selects the next video in his playlist, and his speakers get blown the fuck out because instead of playing the second video at -12db like Bob specified in the prior video, this second video is played at the default 0 db and so blow Bob's $4K speakers into a $4k static producing machine.

So in order to help all the Bobs in the world I think this would be a great and easy feature to work in.
Sounds like a great idea to me. Are you volunteering to implement this?
Ya ill work on it I've got some stuff keeping me busy right now but ill keep everyone posted on when its done and ill shoot ya a pull request on the git.
Thanks - looking forward to this feature  Smile

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