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YTS at 1080p
Hi guys,
Thanks for creating this awesome tool. (BlissFlixx). I have installed YTS plugins at it works perfectly. The only thing that I didnt like is that it only shows movies at 720p.
So I created a simple PHP script that help me fix this problem on my end. At least until the creator of this great plugin can fix it more permanently.

If anyone is interested what you have to do is put this code into a PHP file on any server that BlissFlixx can have access. It can be an Apache Server hosted on your raspberry pi, it doesnt matter really.
What it does is remove all 720p movies, so you can now select the 1080p ones. Dont use this script if your seed is not good enough.

$a =  file_get_contents("".$_GET['query_term']."&limit=".$_GET['limit']);
$b = explode('torrents":[',$a);
$i = 0;
$final = $b[0];
while($i < count($b))
        $c = explode(']',$b[$i+1]);
                if (!preg_match("/},/",$c[0]))
                        $d = explode("},",$c[0]);
                        while($j <count($d))
                                if (preg_match("/720p/",$d[$j]))
                                        $a = str_replace($d[$j]."},","",$a);

echo $a;

Then go into yout BlissFlixx Intalation directory and edit the YTS plug in (File:
and change this line:



That's it. I hope this is useful for you as it was for me.

Best Regards,

By the way.
I tried to watch the movie "Point Brake 2015" (at 1080p on YTS Plugin) and the Subtitles were wrong. It were probably from another movie. Is there any way to fix that?

Very clever solution!

Another fix is to edit the YTS plugin and change the 4th from bottom line of the file:

if t['size_bytes'] < size:

You need to change the less than to be greater than:

if t['size_bytes'] > size:

This results in the largest file being returned in the results instead of the smallest - which I believe is what you want.

As for your subtitles issue - The subtitles handling in Blissflixx needs improving but I have yet to round to it  Sad
Even better!

As for the subtitles, is there anything I could help with?
I will be using blissflixx a lot now, because I´ve been looking for something like this for a long time, so I might as well help to make it better...

>> As for the subtitles, is there anything I could help with?

Well the subtitles now just get looked up from the title. For better subtitles matching it needs to determine the filename being played and the file size and submit this information to opensubtiles api to find matching subtitles. You could have a poke around the code and see how feasible this is.
Another way around is what Moviebox does. It makes you login to opensubtitles and then it let you select the "pre-selected subtitles for that movie" manually from a list. So if the subtitles that comes by default does not match the movie file you are viewing then you can try another one.
Is that posible?


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