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Load subtitles by url
First, sorry for my bad english. Second, MrBliss, BlissFlixx is AMAZING. I already tried multiple solutions but there is not any that comes close to the power of BlissFlixx. I want to create a little windows app that create an entry on explorer context menu, "Play on BlissFlixx". The app will create a http server and pass the video url like this:

http://rasberry_pi_ip/api/playr?fn=play&data={"url":"https://my_machine_ip/myvideo.mp4","title":"some title"}

Now, I have some videos that already have subtitles on the same folder. Is it possible to pass the srt file just like I can pass the video file? I tried to do like this:

http://rasberry_pi_ip/api/playr?fn=play&data={"url":"http://my_machine_ip/myvideo.mp4","subs":"http://my_machine_ip/","title":"some title"}

but BlissFlixx got stuck on "Fetching Subtitles" (it probably was not expecting an url). Is this scenario possible already?

Again, thank you for your amazing work!
This is not supported at the moment. I will have a little think to see if I can allow this to work.

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