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Video issue with TED Talks
We have been using BlissFlixx for a couple on months, mostly on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and TED Talks. It all runs well, except that we get a curious problem with some TED Talks.

When we run a "talk" the TED intro screen is OK, but as the actual "talk" part of the video starts, we sometimes get apparent video corruption. Typically we may see a grey screen with a ghostly moving outline of the speaker. But the screen may sometimes be a colour (say pink) with a few flickering coloured pixels.

This state rarely lasts more than 10 or 20 seconds, but on Al Gores latest offering ( it goes on for about 30 seconds, then recovers and remains OK. If I play this video on one of our laptops it is absolutely fine.

We have never seen this problem on any other channel.

I'd be grateful if someone would try the link above on BlissFlixx to see if they have the same issue, or let me know if it's a known problem.
OK I tried this TED talk and the same problem happens to me.

This is going to be an issue with the video encoding and omxplayer. Unfortunately this is outside of my realm of expertise ;-(

I tried installing the latest version of omxplayer but the issue still remains.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
(03-01-2016, 07:27 PM)MrBliss Wrote: ...this is going to be an issue with the video encoding and omxplayer. ...

Thanks MrBliss, at least I'm not alone.

Still not sure why the TED intro is OK, followed by several seconds of corruption, but maybe the intro is low resolution.

I spent some time searching the net (e.g. "omxplayer video corruption") and haven't found anything similar so far. I'll do some further testing when time permits.

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