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Full Version: subtitle not available from an episode within a season
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Hi MrBliss,

First, thanks a lot for the great work on Blissflix, great product !

I have a question I wasn't able to answer.

When I get new series, sometimes it isn't possible to get it episode per episode, only the full season.
So, I add this season as a "New Playlist" and go to "View Files" to watch each episode, which is fine.

But, if I need to add subtitles to the episode, I couldn't find a way to do it.

For each episode, it is possible to add it in a new playlist, but, from there, "Play With Subtitle" option is not available.
There is an "Edit Item" option on the episode which has a "Subtitle:" field, but, my tries weren't successful.

I hope those details make sense, and I would like to know if:
-I can add the button "Play With Subtitle" from the episode directly (I looked at the code but i'm not a dev, so, it doesn't look easy)
-you can provide the format of the "Subtitle:" field from the episode (I looked on the forum but couldn't find what was expected)

Thanks in advance

You're right the subtitle functionality is not working in this case. I will look into adding this code myself. I am busy at the moment but should be able to do it in a couple of weeks.
Great, thanks.